Classes Ranging from Beginner to Advanced

Certified by USA Boxing, we are Denver’s only TRUE instructional boxing gym! To this point, we are the ONLY gym in Colorado that is owned and operated by past and/or current professional and amateur boxers. You will truly be training like and learning from a fighter! Our founder, Kenny Hill, started with a vision of opening a gym that would not only instill confidence and help people change their lives, but also teach and impart a skill. Our philosophy is to teach boxing from the ground up, after all, “smart feet smart fighter!”

Beginner Boxing Classes

Our beginner boxing class is the most popular class for members looking to understand the art of boxing. Tao coaches will focus on the accurate form of your punches, slips, blocking, and footwork. You will learn how to put combinations together while working on forward and lateral footwork, and movement when boxing with a partner. New students will also learn how to shadowbox. Many new boxers find shadowboxing intimidating because they do not have familiarity of putting together different combinations. This class is open to all members looking to learn or brush up on their fundamentals.

12 Month Contract

This membership is for everyone, from beginners to more experienced people wanting to get back in shape. Whether you’re new to exercise or looking to break up with your current gym, finding the best gym membership to meet your needs is key to sticking to a workout routine. This membership includes open gym and unlimited classes.