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Who We Are

Certified by USA Boxing, we are Denver’s only TRUE instructional boxing gym! To this point, we are the ONLY gym in Colorado that is owned and operated by past and/or current professional and amateur boxers; you will truly be training like and learning from a fighter! Our founder Kenny Hill started with a vision of opening a gym that would not only instill confidence and help people change their lives; but also teach and impart a skill. Our philosophy is to teach boxing from the ground up, after all, “smart feet smart fighter!” As a sport, boxing is not about violence, we believe it is about goal setting, character building, structure, and discipline. We believe it is about building an accessible community and a place where one can express themselves in a uniquely authentic way.

Feature Programs

As coaches, we believe that boxing shouldn’t always only be about going at full speed, knowing how to listen to your body, knowing when to relax and rebuild is just as important, therefore we offer a myriad of classes:

Boxing MECHANICS &Technique

See what makes us Denver’s only true boxing gym; a program specifically developed to refine boxing technique, improve ring management and instill techniques applicable to amateur competition.


Is about cultivating the warrior and yogi within focusing on balancing the yin and the yang.

Hustle & Flow

A challenging boxing/yoga class that infuses boxing and stretch/yoga. This class will be taught in high intense intervals combining boxing drills while using your own body weight for muscle tone. Hustle & Flow is an innovative new class combining intervals of intense boxing for 30 minutes and a challenging 30-minute Vinyasa yoga.

Boxing Fitness

Train like a boxer. A combination of cardio, endurance, boxing drills, high intensity interval training and a great core workout.

Gentle to Restore Yoga

Is a non-strenuous, quiet, and meditative yoga class focused on relaxing the body. This slower paced practice consists of long juicy hold and calming breath work, perfect for any level student.

* Note: For our boxing classes, gloves are available, however, your own gloves and wraps are recommended.



Tao of Boxing

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