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We offer personal and small group boxing training for everyone from the elite fighter to the fitness enthusiast in an environment tailored to your goals!

Meet the Staff

Kenny Hill, Founder & head coach

Since the age of Seven I have been involved in the boxing industry as a fan, fighter, and coach. I am a three-time junior Olympic champion, a three-time Silver Glove and Golden Glove champion. I work with athletes such as professional MMA, Boxers as well as amateur fighters. I love sharing with others the knowledge and strength boxing has given to me. “You don’t know what winning is if you don’t know what losing feels like”

Jr Galloway,
Operations Manager

Jr Galloway is from Miami FL. A former Division 1 football player converted to boxer. Well experienced 3X 2Division Golden Glove champion. He is also a 2X mid-west regional Super heavyweight champion. 

I teach two classes at Tao of Boxing. Monday nights I teach Boxing conditioning. This class encompasses all the things you like about boxing and the training. cardio endurance, boxing drills, high intensity interval training and a great core workout. Your own gloves and wraps are highly recommended.

Saturday morning, I co-teach Hustle & Flow with Lee Phoenix. Hustle & Flow is challenging boxing/yoga class that infuses boxing and stretch/yoga. This class will be taught in high intense intervals combining boxing drills while using your own body weight for muscle tone. Hustle & Flow is an innovative new class combining intervals of intense boxing for 30 minutes and a challenging 30-minute Vinyasa yoga. Your own gloves, wraps and yoga mat are, highly recommended.

Molly Bruner

I grew up around boxing and martial arts, traveling around the Midwest to watch my dad compete in tournaments. By age 10 I was involved in boxing and dabbled in Tae Kwon Do in my mid-teens. Since then I have had the privilege of traveling the country and world to see the many different training styles around the globe. I have studied both the physical and psychological aspects of sports- I have a BA in Exercise Science from the University of Iowa and am currently pursuing my MA in Sport Coaching at the University of Denver with future plans to become a Sport Psychologist.

Kate Rizzo

Kate Rizzo holds a BS in Exercise Science from IL State University. She is a 200 hr certified Yoga Instructor and a Reiki Master. Her classes are well rounded and accessible for everybody, with an emphasis on safety and alignment. Holistic wellness feeds her heart and soul. You can find her off of her mat offering private yoga, meditation, Reiki sessions and Tarot readings throughout the Denver area.

Class description

Warrior Release
Prevent injury, improve your joint mobility and increase your body awareness with Warrior Release! Move your body through a series of sun salutations to warm and loosen your muscles and joints. Then, take it down to your mat for a series of restorative yoga postures to release tight muscle fascia. Leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to take on the world, or your next opponent.

Jasmine Montoya

Jasmine Montoya is from Denver CO. Jasmine has been a boxer since she was 13 years old with an exceptional amature boxing career. Jasmine has personally been coached and mentored by founder of Tao of Boxing Kenny Hill since she was 13 years old. Jasmine is an exceptional and tough competitor as she does not only compete in Boxing, she has been practicing Muay Thai as well as Jujitsu. The plan for Jasmine is to keep perfecting her skill sets to eventually one turn pro as a mma fighter. When Jasmines is not at the gym, she spends her free time with her friends and playing Call of Duty Modern warfare.

Duran Flowers

Duran Flowers born and raised in Memphis,TN. Was introduced to boxing at 6 years old by his dad, and his older brother Monyette Flowers. Duran accumulated over one hundred amateur fights from the age 6 to 17 years old during his amateur boxing career. Winning multiple tournaments, such as the National Junior Golden Gloves, Arnold Classic Boxing, Regional Golden Gloves, and three time National P.A.L.

Shortly after his amateur career, Duran would assist in training camp to help prepare his older brother Monyette Flowers. This is when he fell in love with being a trainer and helping others reach their goals. He had trained many top amateur and professional fighters. He offered his talents to multiple gyms in different cities like Las Vegas where he was mentored by Floyd Mayweather Sr.

Duran chose to move to Las Vegas to be closer to his mentor and friend Floyd Mayweather Sr. and was more thoroughly taught the ins and outs of the boxing. After living in Las Vegas for two years he moved to Florida where he would be closer to his family. Duran and his four brothers opened their own entertainment company and boxing gym labeled Flowers Power Boxing. They were based out of Florida but worked in their hometown of Memphis for the most part. They offered exciting boxing events for the city, as well as boxing classes at their gym. The brothers caught the attention of business owners, Mayor Herenton, and many sponsors who helped fund their future boxing events.

He now lives in Denver, CO where he sees a lot of growth as well as opportunities and wants to establish a foundation for fitness and entertainment. Duran has already made a name for himself in the short six months he’s been here in the city for these reasons.

Our goal is to provide the best physical and mental training while developing your boxing skills. We are located in the capitol Hill Neighborhood.

Popular classes

Boxing Mechanics & Technique

Warrior Flow

Hustle & Flow



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