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Online programs now available!

We realize that not everyone is comfortable returning to the “full gym experience”. COVID-19 has created challenging situations for a lot of us, and we went to continue in our pursuit of learning the art of boxing and challenging ourselves with the workout it provides.

Great news! We, at Tao of Boxing, understand that NOTHING beats that one-on-one, PERSONALIZED experience of working with a coach face to face! Albeit slightly different from our usual hands on approach, we are now offering personalized, private one-on-one Zoom/FaceTime/Skype programs. These allow private interactions and customized lessons tailored to YOUR individual progress in any setting of your choosing.

We also recognize the limitations of the necessity to synchronize schedules with a trainer; members electing online memberships now have the option to request week-long personalized programs your trainer will send directly to your inbox on a weekly basis.

“Consistency of effort over the long run is everything.”

  • Feeling like you missed something?
  • Didn’t quite get the moves?
  • Feel like you could improve on aspects of your boxing?
  • Thirsting for more?

Workout at Anytime

If you answered YES, we can help! Our new Online Programs are devoted to reinforcing the material and providing workouts and techniques you can practice at home, your office or even in your bedroom! 


We’ll be teaching you boxing technique, fitness and yoga from the comfort of your own home.

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